I'll See You in Paris by Michelle Gable

I must confess that I was drawn to this title by the beautiful, simple, relaxing cover art and the title seemed like something soothing and inviting. I had no knowledge of the story or the author ahead of time, and I was glad I took the chance and picked it up.

The story wraps around the character Annie, her Mom Laurel and the finicky and entertaining old woman who has no inhibitions and is enveloped in intrigue. Over three generations this story delicately invites the reader into the true character of the Duchess of Marlborough, a mysterious, historical figure in European high culture, the art world and classic literary circles. I really enjoyed Annie and the old woman, and I loved the pace of the story being told through different perspectives, writing styles and times.

It feels similar to Kate Morton's "The Clockmaker's Daughter" in many aspects, but is more simple and has less characters to keep track of. I appreciated this. The romances in this novel were delicate without being grandiose and overly detailed. 

Again, another book set in the UK and Paris that makes me want to travel... sigh. This is not a complicated and overly emotional book, but rather it is a delicately easy-breezy read and I appreciated that it touched on a historical figure that I was not familiar with beforehand.

Not only was it easy-breezy but it was also VERY satisfying to hold in my hand. The size of it, the cover art and the weight of it in my hand felt so good. Sometimes it is also the tactile experience of a paper book that adds to the reading experience.



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