Just a Girl and Her Podcast

I did it.

It's been on my mind and in my Daisy Chain Book Co. plans from Day 1.

And now that the weather is frosty and miserable, and doesn't allow me to take my sweet booktruck on the road, I had the time to actually make my podcast a reality. There was so much to learn: hosting platforms, editing software, microphone basics, cross-posting with other podcast hosting mediums, remote recording possibilities, etc. I read, I listened to tutorials and other podcasts that instructed how to launch your own, I practiced and I created a bucketful of bloopers along the way.

Interestingly enough (not so much, actually!!), there are no other booktruck podcasts, so once again there are no other models for what I am doing... but I am used to that in my business. I just made lists of what I wanted to include and gave it a try. 

And The Booktruck Chronicles was born!!

The first part of each episode focuses on books and books discussions with people I meet along my booktruck journey. It is often full of suggestions for what to read ext, and so far, listeners love this part.

The next part is what I call The Business Bar, because "booktruck life is not just about books, it's also a business". In this segment, I "roll on up to the bar" to have a drink and talk about a business question I get asked a lot. If I talk to a fellow entrepreneur in the first part, then I omit The Business Bar segment, because so much of the episode has already focused on business issues.

At the end of each episode, I do a (sometimes) humorous sponsorship sign off because, well, that's just something I would love to hear more in the podcasts I listen to - something funny and relatable that is not an actual commercial for products. My podcast has not been purchased by any corporate big-wigs. 

In the show notes I list all the books we discuss and the podcasts, websites or links that my guests have mentioned so listeners can have easy access to what we have talked about. Do I provide links to the books available in my booktruck? Darn right I do! If I don't carry it, I link to Libro.fm, an audiobook supplier that I have partnered with because each sale supports local independent bookstores. I love them.

Now, my podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, Podbean and Google Play and it's listened to in 6 countries! If you just search "booktruck" in the search bar on these platforms, you will be taken right to me.

See? You just never know what you can do until you've done it. I'm a freakin' PODCASTER, y'all!!


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