It's Planning Season

I am getting itchy to get Daisy back on the road.

I've been grateful for the down-time and space in my schedule to sort out the inventory and so many behind-the-scenes pieces of the booktruck puzzle, but I am still antsy to resume my "on the road" part of the business. Because it's so cold here, (and MAN, has it ever been frosty - with lows of -40C - this is not the weather for humans, what the heck?), Daisy can only be on the road during what I call the Green Grass Season, which is about 7-8 months out of the year. Most people who want to pursue a business cannot fathom only being profitable for part of the year. I get that. I would love to make money all year too, I'm not crazy! And the reality about a mobile business in Edmonton is that it costs me money every day my truck sits in the driveway, not generating an income.

But during this time I am able to get so much done:

1) adding new books to my online database on a weekly basis.
2) picking up donations of used books
3) making deliveries of online book orders
4) starting a Podcast! (more on that below)
5) reading books that have been sitting on my TBR for too long
6) taking photos and editing them for social media posts
7) connecting with event organizers and vendors about upcoming markets, events & festivals
8) networking with other small business owners
9) investigating the cost of a brick & mortar for possible future consideration
10) listening to business and bookish podcasts, making notes & lists galore
11) investigating areas of philanthropy and partnerships that will benefit others
12) filling out paperwork, applications, agreement and permit forms galore
13) truck maintenance, painting, flooring repair and upgrades
14) rotating the inventory on the shelves, updating pricing and labeling older titles
15) social media posts every day
16) website maintenance and updates
17) establishing a home office
18) write blog posts ;-)
19) self-care: regular massage, chiro and hot baths
20) planning, scheduling, adding dates to my calendar 

A Podcast? Yup, I finally had time to get this baby off the ground! It's called The Booktruck Chronicles and it's about all things books, booktruck life and convos with the most fabulous people I meet on this mobile bookshop journey. It's still raw, an infant without class or maturity - not yet hat it will one day become... but for now I am just super thrilled to get it out in the world. I'll do a whole separate blog post about this later on.

My sweet Daisy is patiently waiting, and meanwhile, I am feeling the same anticipation that many of you have said you feel as well: "So looking forward to the booktruck being out again!!" , "When's the booktruck coming back? We miss it!", "I'll know it's summer when I see Daisy."

I hear ya. But when we finally do roll into your community this year, there will be so many new things to see, fun changes and upgrades that you'll be happy about. 

She'll be worth waiting for. And I can't wait to show you!


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