2020 Reading Challenge

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to read... the options can be overwhelming, and if you only stick to the required reading list from your Book Club, or the New Releases shelf at your local Big Box store... your reading life can be drab and predictable.

What happened to the pizzazz and romance of meeting your next great read? It is kind of like dating, isn't it? You don't know if this will be a "WOW!" or a "Whoops", and being set up by someone else can often lead to disappointment. 

Choosing a bad read can be quite discouraging and cause a hiccup in your reading life, and that would suck!

This Reading Challenge is a guideline, something that will help nudge you towards a genre or author you may normally overlook. But what if you find your next favorite author or series?? It's such an exciting thought. And it's manageable, it's only one book a month... you can read it on paper or listen to it as an audiobook, heck you can even use an e-reader.

Go ahead, save this challenge, share it with your friends and then SHARE with me which books you chose for each category and what you thought about them.

The reading life should not be dull, it is intended to open us up to different perspectives and new worlds. Don't get stuck in old habits of reading books you don't care about finishing and wouldn't recommend to someone else. Try something new, talk about it with a friend who also loves books, and tell me how it goes!

I can't wait to hear what you choose to read!


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