Being My Own Boss Is Not About Me

It is called "The American Dream".
I would propose, however, that Canadians could declare the same thing effortlessly.

"No more workin' for The Man!"
"Set your own schedule, do the work YOU want, on your terms!"
"Chase your own paradise, be the King (or Queen because we are socially appropriate) of your own Castle!"

This all sounds great. Who doesn't want that? Every dedicated soul wearing a name tag or hairnet is likely working towards something, made to feel discontent sloggin' it at minimum wage for a heartless boss. They actually make movies and TV shows about this very thing. How could you NOT want your own castle in the sky?

People with more impressive degrees and social influence than I have can argue that it is noble and right for us to pursue whatever dream is pulling at our hearts. Whereas I do think it's nice to buy into the belief that we are all a snowflake and can become anything if we just work hard enough and can see our name in lights if we want it badly enough... I think the focus may be a tad myopic. And undeniably selfish.

Being an Entrepreneur has taught me that this work is NOT ABOUT ME.

My dreams are not about corporate takeovers, my name in lights or media celebrity. I want people to read more, acquire books that are reasonably priced in a way that makes them feel valued and create a community of Readers everywhere I go. My dream is not to sacrifice my integrity for a million dollars, or ignore the needs of one person looking for one single title just so I can seek fame & notoriety. My work is about other people, and their satisfaction determines my own.

Whereas it is true that business at its core is about the change of money for goods or services so each can benefit, I have intentionally created a bookstore that doesn't make me a greedy corporate boss looking for sneaky ways to get ninety more cents from you by selling you something you don't really want. I want to make enough to continue doing what I am doing, but becoming rich on the backs of Readers has never been my goal. Does this make me a terrible Businesswoman? Possibly. But does it make me a Businesswoman who feels no guilt, regret or shame in how I run my business? Absolutely.

I have always said that I price books for Readers, not for Collectors or Corporations. The books I put on my shelves are the ones my Readers have asked for, not determined by agreements with publishers or marketing agents who want to get their cut. It's about reading for reading's sake, not trading books for big dollars that satisfy Big Business gurus. One book should not cost you the same as a nice dinner for two. Call me Crazy.

I am not my own Boss. I work for every person who has supported Daisy Chain Book Co. and follows me on Social Media and is inspired by my story from far away. I make decisions that are about each person who has become my Tribe, my Pack and my Community of Readers. I want to make decisions that honour them and bring value to their reading life. I desire to find new ways to bring the Book Truck to them in any way I can, sometimes in person and sometimes digitally. I want people to know that they matter, that their investment in me and my company are so incredibly appreciated that I prefer to use that investment to make the next Reader's experience worthwhile, rather than pad my own pockets.

I have never worked so hard for so little and been so satisfied with how I have spent my time and resources.

Now, if they advertised "The American Dream" like that, I don't think as many people would sign up for it. 


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