"How do you start the day?" Someone asked me...

Each morning I have a simple, predictable and satisfying routine that I look forward to when I swing my legs out of bed and embrace a new day (even though it is DARK in the morning now and this really messes with my sense of timing. I once got up at 4:32 because I thought it was later. Got a LOT done that day, let me tell you. Then I crashed like a basset hound chasing a butterfly at about 11am).

1). Get myself ready for the day. This can often take up to 18 min. I'm obviously a Glam Queen.

2). Take Mr. Benson outside for his morning evacuation. He is my Golden Doodle, so please don't send me emails about how rude I am towards my spouse.

3). Make a tea latte and hot Red River cereal that I make with pecans, Craisins and golden raisins with a dash of brown sugar. Great. Now I'm hungry. 

4). Listen to a podcast about Books or Business, and take notes.

5). Sometimes I play Candy Crush while I listen. 

By the time Hubs wakes up and comes down for the day, I have a bunch of new ideas, some affirmation and often some inspiration to run with. Getting up with purpose makes me feel better about ditching the coziness of bed that I have frankly spent ALL NIGHT perfecting. You know how it is: the pillow has just reached peak softness and the appropriate contoured shape. My blankets are wrapped around me just so, with not a wrinkle in sight, so I can relax without those pesky sheet crinkles keeping me awake. I have spent much time figuring out just the right position to sleep in, I have contoured the mattress accordingly and can settle in for a fantastic sleep.

But wait. It's time to get up. Argh, darn you, Middle Age!! I can no longer sleep in. It's at this moment I remember I am not 14 years old and staying in bed until noon likely won't happen for me until I am in a Senior's home, although they probably wake Seniors before lunch to make sure they're alive. Darn you, Old Age!

As soon as I am awake, my brain is overflowing with ideas, potential for inventory, upcoming events, truck issues, BookTruck Quotes of the day, social media post ideas, conversations with Readers I had in the truck, books I want to read, etc... and once my brain is up, the rest of me must follow. 

I admire those who want to pursue physical stamina and strength first thing in the morning. It's not me. Those pursuits make me want to go back to bed.

Give me business challenges and the chance to brainstorm about ROIs, marketing and networking essentials in a digital marketplace... now that really melts my butter! If you had told me this would be my go-to morning schedule, I would have thought you were crackers. I fill my notebook with ideas, sketches, doodles and lists (I freakin' love lists) and then jump up, eager to implement them and see if they have legs to dance on.

If I have an event that day, I immediately proceed to re-loading the truck, cleaning it out, removing dead stock and replacing it with titles specific to the upcoming event. I put on music, dance my little heart out and get 'er done because I have to bring my A-Game to wherever I am going. 

So, there you have it. A little behind-the-scenes to this Book Truck Chick's routine.


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