Books Have a Unique Character of Their Own

You know I love books.

They smell like nostalgia, comfort and history. I breathe deeply and take in their smells on a regular basis. 

When I pick up a book, it's as though the book is introducing itself to me, offering me it's texture, smells and inspiration like a gentle hello that woos me in and romances me with something I feel I cannot live without. 

Like dating, I pick up some contenders and see if they have what I am looking for, and then I SEE IT. (haha that sounds like I'm a floozie, but I suppose if I'm a book floozie it's not too bad, right?). The cover art is usually fabulous because, let's face it, we DO judge a book by its cover and I am a sucker for beautiful or compelling cover art. I flip through it, read the back and introduce myself to it to see if we are a good fit. Yes, I think it's a go. This is the one I want.

I take it home and place it on my shelf, which has just been overflowing with other adopted books that I am beside myself to add to. My little book family grows one book at a time.

I will repeat this process over and over and over because I cannot resist the book dating experience. The wooing, the adoption, the anticipation of spending time with it and absorbing its awesomeness. I will never apologize for this. I am not a book hoarder. I am a collector of inspiration and brain stimuli that makes me a more healthy individual.

Books are patient.
    They will always wait for you without complaint. They won't go anywhere.

Books don't judge.
    They will never complain or hold it against you if you choose another book over them.

Books are everlasting.
    They do not change, no matter how long they sit on your shelves.

Books are not greedy.
    They will share you with other books and not hold it against you.

Books are not competitive.
    They do not mind if you have a new favourite. They are just glad you are reading.

There is so much pressure about reading, don't ya think? "How many books have YOU read?" How fast can YOU read?" "How many books are you reading SIMULTANEOUSLY?"

People - it is not a race. It is about the joy found between you and that book, don't rush it. It's not a competition. Whatever book you chose, enjoy it. Soak it up. Treasure the time you sit and tune out the world while you get lost in it.

What are you reading right now??


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