What's in a Name, Anyway?

Starting to move past the idea of a bookshop on wheels and engaging the reality of it was kind of surreal. I remember talking to my friend and saying "We are going to look for a truck. This could be it."
Wide-eyed, he said to me, "For REAL? Wow! What will you call it?"
I paused. All of a sudden, all the names I had come up with on paper didn't seem like they should be spoken aloud. It was weird. When we named our babies, we did the name tests, we cooed the name, we yelled it, we said "Do you, _____, take so-and-so to be your lawfully wedded...". Our baby names passed all the tests.
But with a booktruck, it was different. I would not only have it in printed form on all my paperwork, but it would be emblazoned on the side of my rolling store, blasted throughout social media and it would be the answer to the "What do you do?" question I would be asked countless times.
It had to be. Just. Right.
One of my all time fave films is, not surprisingly, "You've Got Mail." In it, Meg Ryan fights for her little children's bookstore when a mega-store run by Tom Hanks moves into the neighbourhood. You've seen it, you know the one I mean. maybe you're like me and you can quote entire scenes?
Yup, we are Kindred Spirits. I knew it.
In one scene, Meg tells Tom that daisies are her favourite flower because they're the "happiest flower" - YES. My whole life I have loved daisies. They appear all over my home in a variety fo ways. Not the smell mind you, because - ew. But they make you feel good just to see them, no matter what. I wanted people to feel good about my little booktruck and feel happy being in it, but more than that, I wanted to create community around my business.
It is very special to me that people and books come together, that a community of booklovers and eager readers endorse what I am doing, and I am there to serve them with great stories in a fun, new organic way. I envisioned Book Clubs starting, friends being made and ok, I'll just say it - there was a kumbaya feel to the whole thing. In a world where people are being evermore disconnected to real humans and depending on digital relationships to suffice, the Social Worker in me was dissatisfied. I want people to know each other and to gather together. If they use books as a bridge to do so, well, all the better!
Ok, I thought. Daisies for happiness and a desire for people to come together, like a chain.


Daisy Chain Book Co. was born.
Now, someone made a cheeky comment on social media (where all cheeky comments are born) when I first announced my company about how tasteless the name was, because didn't I know what that meant, or was I totally naive? 
I knew. But here's the thing. I'm taking the term back. Daisy Chain will be re-learned by a whole new bookish community and the ones who want to think about it in nasty terms - have at 'er. I believe we have something beautiful and I will defend the name to any naysayers who want to comment on it.
No one calls my baby ugly. Pretty soon, when people hear daisy chain, they will think of my booktruck. And they will smile.
I am creating a legacy of readers and connections right where they live. Man, I freakin' love my job.


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