Let the Journey Begin

I love all things books; Booklovers, eager readers, book reviews, authors and people who just want to be around these things. 
This is my tribe.

This blog is about my appreciation for books, why I am unapologetically in favour of Tree Books over eBooks (that's another post for another day), and my journey as an entrepreneur operating a BookShop on Wheels in Central Alberta, Canada of all places.
I believe that one instrument is lovely, but a collection of instruments is a SYMPHONY. So, I want to hear from YOU - send me your thoughts, comments, book reviews and let's add them to the collective voice that is such a beautiful part of the bookish community.

 As one lady said after she stepped into the booktruck the other day, "When you are in here all the time, are you just crazy happy?". Yes, most of the time my gratitude and pleasure is present on my smiling face because as oddly peculiar and old fashioned as it sounds to drive around with a bookshop in my truck, it is also extremely simple and rewarding.
And if was just me and my books, that would be fun for awhile (refreshing even, can I get an Amen??), but I would get lonely. Stories need people to share them, to discover them and to create them. I love being in conversations with readers who have fond memories of books they find on my shelves... it is never boring when booklovers get together.
So, Reader, YOU are part of my journey. Let's be a bookish symphony.


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