Booktruck Road Trip Season

When I imagined a bookshop on wheels, I did not limit my vision to just my city. Now, I love Edmonton and all, but my heart is for Readers everywhere - smaller towns, lake communities, hamlets, you name it. 

So, I began to reach out to smaller communities, markets, festivals and gatherings within a 2 hour radius of Edmo. What I discovered was that they are just as eager for me to come to them as I am to go!
After months of phone calls, email, applications, permits and forms galore, I have successfully secured Daisy dates at 17 areas outside of my city. 


It is incredibly humbling to receive such incredible acceptance & enthusiasm for my little venture. I want to honour each visit well, bring the best books, offer a memorable experience and develop great relationships. 
It is also very overwhelming when I look at my calendar of dates and realize what it is going to require of me to do each visit well. I don't want to drop the ball. I want to be healthy and strong enough to run this on my own. I want to make sure my truck is in good condition (and pray for no flat tires or engine issues while I'm on the road). I want to ensure I bring the books each town wants, which means doing donation pick ups between Daisy dates.
People often look at what I do and comment "So, you just drive around with books and sell them?"
I can assure you, that is the very least of my job. It's the most fun, but its what happens when the curtain opens and you come out on stage. What happens behind the scenes of a play, the casting, location scouting, memorizing lines, costuming, marketing, finances, rehearsing, etc is what makes it possible to go out on stage in the first place. Let me lay it out like this: for a 4 hour event, I will work 16 hours in organizing, cleaning, marketing, emailing, stocking, etc to make it happen. That time is limited for repeated events, but it is not so simple as driving around like I have a garage sale of miscellaneous items that I'm pushing out of my trunk.
Every book I carry is inventoried online, cleaned, sticker and stocked. My darling booktruck needs maintenance - if she is not healthy, I can't operate. Being my own Marketing Manager means I am creating content for all the Socials, this blog and maintaining my website. I take photos, edit them, tweak them for specific posts and file them. 
So, all of the behind the scenes work is about to pay off as I look at my calendar, which is bursting at the seams, in anticipation of a warm weather season of road trippin' with my darling little Bookshop on Wheels so I can bring your next great read RIGHT TO YOU.
I still can't believe I get to do this job.


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