A Bookshop on WHEELS? Really?

One question I get asked a lot is "Where did you come up with the idea to have a Bookshop on Wheels?" - and it is a legit question.
Look around. You don't see booktrucks as a regular business, like a cafe or a cupcake shop.
I have heard it said that most people have entertained the dream of running their own bookstore at some time in their lives. What could be better than having a place filled with shelves and books galore, designed exactly how you'd like it, and welcoming readers who cannot wait to browse peacefully in the environment you have created because you knew EXACTLY what a bookstore should be like?
Yup. Me too.
One day, I drew a funky little picture, of a van with polka-dots all over it, and I just knew that it was a van filled with books. I also knew that it was wildly ridiculous to think about it as anything realistic because I had never seen another booktruck I could base my idea on.
Sometimes, that's where the most inspired ideas come from: a lack in the marketplace.
So, here I am. An ex-Social Worker, an ex-Foster Parent and a recovering book addict, doing this fun and whimsical thing... because why the heck not?


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