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I've been a Writer all my life

When I was 10 years old I asked Santa for a diary.

I got a little blue Care Bears diary with a lock & key. That right there should tell you roughly how old I am (not the Care Bears remake, either - the ORIGINAL).

I diligently wrote very little girl thing that I thought was write down-able. How I felt about my friends, what I did at school, how I felt about my Mom dating, why I thought Strawberry Shortcake was so cool, you know... all the really important stuff.

I knew, just KNEW, that if I didn't put my thoughts on paper, I would be incomplete. I have felt that way ever since. 

My appreciation for words, stories, shared perspectives and imaginative worlds saw no bounds. I tried to write a short story of my own after I read about an 11 year old girl who got a book published. "If her, why not me?" I asked myself. I wrote a dreadful little story about a girl who came home with a bad report card. This had never happened to me before, and so I didn't write a very believab…

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