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It's Planning Season

I am getting itchy to get Daisy back on the road.

I've been grateful for the down-time and space in my schedule to sort out the inventory and so many behind-the-scenes pieces of the booktruck puzzle, but I am still antsy to resume my "on the road" part of the business. Because it's so cold here, (and MAN, has it ever been frosty - with lows of -40C - this is not the weather for humans, what the heck?), Daisy can only be on the road during what I call the Green Grass Season, which is about 7-8 months out of the year. Most people who want to pursue a business cannot fathom only being profitable for part of the year. I get that. I would love to make money all year too, I'm not crazy! And the reality about a mobile business in Edmonton is that it costs me money every day my truck sits in the driveway, not generating an income.

But during this time I am able to get so much done:

1) adding new books to my online database on a weekly basis.
2) picking up donations of used b…

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