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Market Life

This is my first season as a Vendor in outdoor markets, and I have some observations that I hope will offer insight into the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of Market Life to those who support it, and hopefully it offers some suggestions for Vendors who want to get the most out of their market experience.

1) The weather can make or break any market
This has been the craziest summer in Alberta. We have had the most rain in the past 60 years, the wildest wind, the most unpredictable temperatures and every now and then we got a sunny, calm day. It hasn't been ideal, and more than one Albertan has had their camping or outdoor plans thwarted. But Vendors are a tough breed - most of them, anyway.
During rainstorms, I would peek out of my dry, music-filled truck to see vendors holding onto their tents to stop them from blowing away regardless of how many weights they used. Their products were damaged, soaked or strewn across the ground. Often, Vendors would pack up early and risk more produ…

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