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Dear Kindred Spirits,

I do not have a Best Friend.

When I was a complicated, emotional and unconfident girl in junior high/high school, best friends were THE goal. I had grown up with Anne Shirley and Diana Barry, "bosom friends" of the noblest sort,
Nancy Drew and her best mates, George & Bess, and story after story of young girls who conspired with other girls over giggles, tears, and aspirations of growing up that bonded them in ways I wanted so badly for my own. It was like reading a love story and wanting a dashing hero to come into my life and sweep me away in romantic bliss. But I wanted giggles, secret jokes and a confidante who GOT ME and didn't judge me for the quirks & snorts of an awkward me with crooked teeth and a habit of smiling when things are awkward.

In early school I had a BF, and we did everything together. I loved her with such buddy devotion that felt just like it was supposed to in my books. We even pretended we had a secret language so others would think that th…

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