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The Lure of an Address

It is cold here in Edmonton.
It's -12 and there is a bitter wind.
There is snow and slush on the ground and people prefer to be indoors. I don't blame them - so do I!

The trouble is that for a bookshop on wheels, this means I am CLOSED. It is something I knew would occur, and when I was on the road 6 days a week for much of the nice weather, I had been looking forward to colder weather so the pace could slow down and I could get a bit of a break. But now I've had the break and I am rarin' to get back to bookselling!!

So, I have been resurrecting the sister idea of a booktruck which is a brick & mortar bookstore. It is a very common dream for readers around the world to set up shop and open a bookstore of their very own. I hear every week from Daisy readers that I am doing their "dream job", and I get to hear their stories of a shelved fantasy of a place they could call their own filled with all the cozy wonder of the best bookstores they have ever visited. I …

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