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Know Your Why... and Declare It

When I first sat down and began to write thoughts about a booktruck that would actually be out in the world, rolling into communities and putting great books in the hands of eager readers, I wrote lists and ideas ENDLESSLY. Post-its, journals, the backs of envelopes, scrap paper I would find hidden in the glovebox, everything was fair game.

Once the idea was legit and I had the permission to let loose all my imaginative ideas to see what would stick, I held nothing back. It was all I thought about. I dreamed about it. I even ended up reading books that cemented my vision in the marketplace. I listened to podcasts relentlessly, soaking up every Entrepreneurial tidbit of wisdom I could absorb.

I was a sponge.

Simon Sinek, a well-known thought leader in the Business Leadership space is best known for his TED Talk about "Know Your Why." He dictates that once you know why you are doing something, it will makes sense what you should do next. The leaders who have neglected their very …

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